Zoo Opening following CDC guidelines

Just a few quick rules so that your visit is safe for your family and ours...

The Reptile House and Aviary will remain closed at this time. We will also be limiting admissions into the Zoo to maintain a light manageable crowd every day. Our Zoo is spacious and we want to make sure everyone can distance themselves responsibly.

The Playgrounds will also remain closed until the executive order allows us to open them, but the Park is open for pavilion rentals and recreation.

We want to make the Zoo a safe place to visit for your family, a safe place to work for our employees and a safe place to live for our animals.

After careful consideration of feedback from you, and from our own observations we wanted to make a few adjustments to our plan.

1) Social Distancing reminders- our gate staff and security staff are reminding guests when they enter to maintain social distance from other guests. We also have signage all throughout the Zoo. We will also start making announcements over our PA system that reminds people they should be social distancing

2) We made some adjustments to our pathways that will make social distancing easier for our guests

3) We created a smaller one-way loop so our guests don't have to walk the entire Zoo if they don't want to

4) We are keeping track of our capacity with an automated capacity counter at our entrance and exit. We know how many people are in the Zoo at all times. We won't let it get so crowded that people won't be able to socially distance.

Please remember.... The success or failure of our re-opening will largely depend on the behavior of our guests and their willingness to stick to the rules and guidelines. We all want the same outcome... Let's work together to get there!

Screenshot_2020-06-11 SafelyTogether_reopen - SafelyTogether_reopen pdf